Rego Projects


We specialize in the design of environments—from concept development to final build. As established exhibition designers, our work focused on the creation of exhibits, installations, and innovative spaces for some of the most prominent galleries and museums in Southern California.  Since then, we’ve broadened this expertise to the design of commercial spaces– leveraging our expertise in interior architecture, graphic design, media integration, learning theory, fabrication and production.

The nature of retail is changing. With the advent of digital marketplaces, commercial environments no longer exist merely for the transaction of purchasing goods. We believe retail experiences need to encourage exploration, develop community, and inspire action. By doing so, retail environments have the opportunity to be touchstones that connect consumers to a larger brand, story, and mission. As experience designers, we aim to tell those stories in compelling and meaningful ways.

At the core of our work, is always a desire to engage the visitor, customer or guest by provoking curiosity, creating conversations, and inviting play. To accomplish all this, we employ a hands-on collaborative and multidisciplinary approach to every project we encounter.