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Grandes Maestros at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County was the most extensive exhibition of Latin American Folk Art ever shown in the North America. It included five main galleries as well as an introduction. To accommodate the vast variety and multitudes of objects in the exhibition, several flexible systems were developed; including: tables, walls, rails, interpretive graphics, cases and benches.

Name: Grandes Maestros: Great Masters of Iberoamerican Folk Art
Type: Museum Exhibition
Location: Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County
Date: November 2014–September 2015


SONOTUBE: Contemporary art and transport

MCA Santa Barbara

For this exhibition, forty contemporary artists were commissioned to create artworks with the only caveat being the final work had to be placed in a Sonotube® and mailed back to MCA Santa Barbara for installation. This meant that the final form of the artworks was completely unknown until the time of installation. To allow for this, a series of open-ended display methods were designed.
Since the exhibition explored the transitory life of art, the materials and objects
of transport were used to create an aesthetic language and to contextualize
the space. 

This exhibition was completed in collaboration with Gamynne Guillotte and
Brigitte Kouo.




Exhibitions often represent a final destination for artwork. This installation, however, focused on the transitory life of art. An aesthetic language of transport was evoked through the use of materials and artifacts.



Actual Sonotubes were also manipulated and used as raw materials to build furniture, walls, and display elements. The
total effect was to contextualize the wide variety of works
within the space.