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Sea Nymph


Sea Nymph

Machine Project Gallery

A protruding hull, bisecting masts, yardarms, ropes, and sweeping rigging comprised the interactive sculptural installation SEA NYMPH at Machine Project. Cutting through the space these elements interject a truly tangible sense of
play.  Those willing to scramble up into the steeply sloped cabin were rewarded
with a trap door view of the ship's mysterious contents.  The installation was
host to a series of events, performances, lectures and workshops with varying
nautical themes.




Engaging Moments

Open parameters afforded visitors and event programming alike a truly interactive experience.  Engaging with the installation freely both adults and children were able to venture to new vantage points from within the cabin or aloft the sweeping rigging.  Sea shanties took on new depth when performed from within the sinking hull. Presentations of seafaring lore and disaster acquired new relevance when projected onto one of the slackened sails.